Golf : The Secret Valley and the Perfect Swing

Throughout his years of teaching, research and analysis, Maurice Duhamel has developed an exceptional technical model. Not only is he convinced that this model represents what is at the moment the most effective way to play golf but he is equally convinced that it is the mythical "perfect swing."

In 1997 Maurice Duhamel completed piecing together his technical system (the "D System"), which he will soon reveal to us in his forthcoming book.

Despite the somewhat "fantastic" aspect evoked by its title, Golf: The Secret Valley and the Perfect Swing is an extremely serious work. Freshness, originality and truth are the three words that best sum up this book, in which the technical information is presented through a continuous narrative. It is intended for golfers of all levels, and also for teaching professionals who may wish to adopt "the model", as well as for scientists who may wish to analyze it. For everyone interested in golf technique, this is an extremely absorbing book, and an extraordinary journey you should be sure not to miss!

"I know it's difficult to imagine that the secret of the perfect swing has been discovered. This is why I chose to write the book in this way. It means that everyone will be able to see for themselves the solid foundations this model technique is based."

Maurice Duhamel

The French version of the book is available in Bookstores, at many online bookstores … (, , ,  for Europe and  and  for Quebec Province) or from the Publisher’s website : Follow this link
(N.B : We still don’t know when the English version of the book will be published).

You can read the introduction of the book by clicking on link below.


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