October 20th 2005

Hi Maurice!

I'm writing to you today to tell you about my 2005 golf season.

Last winter I had the opportunity to read your book and I understood right away that the new technique you're using is based on very solid foundations and is highly effective. As soon as the 2005 season started I asked you to give me some lessons to re-fashion my golf technique. It's true I did have some success in the past--in particular winning three club championships. However, for the past two years I haven't been able to play good golf any more, and had reached a point where I had to be satisfied with shooting an 80. There was a problem!

I knew that I was using my hands a lot and that that was at the root of my problem. Thanks to your lessons and your technical model, which takes the hands out of play, I very quickly got back on the right track. The truth is that this season I even played better than I was hoping for. Since July I've been playing with a 2 handicap, and today again, October 20th, in the cold and wind and on a wet course, I played a very solid 72.

What is most impressive is that I hit the ball farther and straighter than I ever did before, even if I still haven't mastered perfectly what you are asking me to do. I'm looking forward to next season with a lot of enthusiasm because I know that I'll make even more progress. Your technical model put new life into my golf game and will help me, I'm sure, to reach new heights.

I really want to say thank you for all the good advices you gave me and congratulate you for the technical model that you've discovered. Thanks to you I've regained all my love for golf...much to my wife's dismay!


Sylvain Mercier, member, Farnham Golf Club

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